4 Technical Cores to Develop Plastic Machinery Industry

The appearance of plastic machinery makes various industries’ development obtain unprecedented achievement. The development of plastic machinery industry about high efficiency, energy conservation and environment protection has become a must at the moment. They are also tips of technical cores to be mastered for developing plastic machinery industry.

The first one is energy efficient technology. The production and development of plastic energy efficient molding and processing equipment including energy efficient plastic injection moulding machine, Microcellular foamed plastic injection machine, plastic extruder, High-speed injection molding machine and Energy-saving plastic extrusion equipment could realize the economy of energy at a certain extent. Energy conservation emphasizes the act of blocking the leak of energy consumption roundly and to reduce kinds of energy consumption in the process of operation such as electric energy, thermal energy, mechanical energy, hydraulic energy and others. Developing efficient energy-saving plastic extrusion equipment and encouraging to adopt no screw plasticizing technology based on tensile creep, low temperature and low voltage extrusion processing and molding technology, intelligent control technology to lessen the processing energy consumption.

The third one is high ranking technology. This market has a deep understanding and requirement to the energy saving of processing and equipments as well as a rich experience. The manufacturing equipments of polymer materials high-end products include Micro-nano compound and manufacturing equipment, biomedical material molding manufacturing equipment and new materials manufacturing equipment. Develop micro-nano compound and manufacturing equipment on the basis of great requirement of advanced material, micro electro mechanical systems and aerospace area.
The fourth one is environmentally friendly technology. Exploit series polymer green preparation technologies and equipments according to the contour machining of green polymer and composite materials. The environmental friendly processing equipments are special processing technology and equipment of environmental protection high polymer and composite materials, green technology and equipment for high polymer material molding process and recycle and harmless handling equipment.
Single screw extruder is a high efficient and energy saving plastic extruder. Its screw speed is low while the output of each turn is high. It adopts the most advanced electromagnetic heating circle and the electricity utilization rate is 98% which can save 50% energy. As common extrusion equipment, single screw extruderis used for plastic processing industry.

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