Getting Smart in Precise Molding Demands

Getting Smart in Precise Molding Demands

PMC, a fourth-generation, family-owned plastic injection molder based in Cincinnati, OH, does not shy away from the toughest jobs in medical devices.

PMC’s fleet of Roboshot machines enables ultra-precise molding in the company’s Class 100,000 cleanroom.In applications such as orthopedics, spinal, arthroscopic/sports medicine, cardiovascular, tissue biopsy, and more, the company produces components for implantables, handheld surgical instruments, and finished medical electronic devices – both sterile and non-sterile, Class 2 and Class 3. PMC also provides complex assembly and sterile packaging (thermoform and pouch) and manages sterilization for finished devices.

To meet some of these tough manufacturing requirements, PMC must continuously adapt and improve.

This is why company leaders have developed a rigorous system they call SMART (Scientific Manufacturing Assures Reliable Throughput). SMART is a scientific approach that PMC applies to every aspect of product/project development and manufacturing. It focuses on following the value stream from material receipt through delivery to customers, enabling the company to deliver, with consistency, complex, hyper-precision components, and assemblies.

Design, Engineering
The depth of experience PMC has in its technical staff is essential to its SMART approach. The company provides front-end design and engineering support to customers, often working with them in the early concept stage. Services include design for manufacturability to help optimize products for lean, cost-effective manufacturing. It also provides manufacturing engineering services as customers consider scalability and multiple manufacturing options.

PMC engineers use ProEngineer in house, but also work with models from all of the major software programs.

The company has a dedicated Director of Process Innovation to work on both proprietary processing technologies for new applications, and to help solve the most challenging molding applications for customers. PMC’s engineering staff also brings together product design, mechanical, manufacturing, and tooling engineering team members.

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