Michigan Manufacturing hardest hit and hardest Spun

Michigan Manufacturing hardest hit and hardest Spun

The Detroit News Online The TV report had an interview with one of the local mold shops in Flint, Mi. Schmalt Tool and Die. President. Laurie Moncrief went on to make a few good points. One was that for every manufacturing job loss there were about 4 others in other industries that were lost because of this. I’m not sure if this is true or not. The Michigan Economic Development commission in this area is always pointing out that for every manufacturing job created, their are approximately 3.5 jobs created. The part I’m not sure about is if the inverse is also true. The MEDC is always stating how many jobs they have created or retained. Most of these seem to be of the Walmart variety, as I see it. I guess a point could be made that any job that is still here is “a retained job” although I don’t know how you would go about quantifying that.

They seem to be more interested in press conferences with large organizations rather than helping the small manufacturer create jobs. They keep reminding us that more jobs are created by small companies than large corporations, but do little to help them. Michigan has some of the highest unemployment in the country, yet they still go out tooting their own horn on job creation. Ms. Moncrief claims to be a small tool and die company. Again 30-40 employees and 4 million in sales isn’t my definition of small, but that is debatable. The fact that they are looking to outsource their design work to India doesn’t fair well for her either. I travel in the same circles as these people and frequently run into them at different affairs. I’m always amazed how their able to spin the truth to their advantage.

Of course President Bush is quite good at this also. Here’s a link to his news conference with the National Association of Manufacturers today.President Addresses the National Association of Manufacturers Of course he only emphasizes the positive. No mention of Michigan, other than the President of NAM is the former governor of Michigan, John Engler.

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