Peruvian Jewelry-The Perfect Gift on Valentine’s Day

Peru means “land of abundance”.  You must be knowing that lovers all across the world enjoy a Peruvian holiday during the Valentine’s Day for its natural beauty. One minute you will be in the beach and the next minute you can be looking into a turquoise lake with birds circling the snow-capped mountains right ahead of you. From these different terrains comes very different styles and cultures of life. But Peru is known not only about natural beauty but also about natural crafts or handicrafts.  One thing you can be sure of is find a nice piece of jewelry no matter where you are. Peru has a reputation all over the world for the handcrafted jewelry that is made within the country. So, this V-Day gift your beloved if not a Peruvian holiday but at least a Peruvian Jewelry set, what say??

Dark Brown Alpaca Set

Now, here is a little bit of history about this: The Inca people from of Peru were skilled craftsmen who made jewelry, masks, pottery and the like. The Peruvian jewelry makers uses gold, gemstones, good luck seeds, feathers and even seashells to decorate jewelry. A variety of semi-precious and natural stones are used including turquoise, chrysocolla, rose quartz, pink andean opal, black onyx, mahogany obsidian, agates and others. Some of the materials used in the jewelry are: Murano glass, bamboo, dried gourd, bone, horn, old coins, and sometimes seeds. The bone and horn jewelry of Peru is an exclusive handicraft. Made from natural materials, the bone and horn jewelries look stunning.

Bone and Horn Jewelry Set from Peru

Another kind of gorgeous Peruvian jewelry is the Alpaca jewelry. Made from the alloy of zinc, iron, copper and nickel, the alpaca jewelries has properties like stainless steel and will not tarnish or rust. Alpaca is also referred to as nickel, nickel-copper plating or most commonly, alpaca silver. The alpaca alloy resembles silver in looks but is less expensive and Peru is the leader in alpaca jewelry production. Savvy shoppers have been taking advantage of the alpaca metal, which looks just as brilliant as sterling silver, to fill their jewelry boxes. The value of Alpaca silver cannot be understated as it is more than just a shiny metal. What makes Peruvian Alpaca silver so much more special is the jewelry which they make out of it.

Designer Alpaca Set

Every piece of jewelry comes with the guarantee that it is crafted by hand, from a person who has been making jewelry their whole lives and learned the craft from the previous generations. This Valentine’s Day think of gifting your sweetheart with a handcrafted Peruvian necklace. A necklace from Peru has unique qualities in which other jewelry from around the world just doesn’t have. The biggest advantage you will find with buying a Peruvian necklace is that no matter what type you buy, which style you like, the one constant is that you will receive an artesian piece. No matter what type of jewelry you are looking for to gift your lady of your love, a pair of Peruvian earrings is a great idea as you can be sure it is original and will never lose its value. No matter what attire your girlfriend is wearing, Peruvian earrings will make her outfit that much better.

Designer Jewelry Set from Peru

There are a vast variety of Peruvian earrings to choose from that can complement anything from a ballroom dress to shorts and a tank top. All you need to do is open up your mind and explore the many options that already await you.

Adorable Peruvian Alpaca Jewelry Set

Buying a Peruvian jewelry this Valentine’s Day is a great choice because it’s an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. And in the handcrafted aspect your lover has a piece of jewelry that will last forever always keeping its originality. No matter what her outfit is, or where she’s going, a nice Peruvian jewelry will not only complete what she is wearing, but will make her stand out from the crowd with the exquisite beauty.

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