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Plastic the unavoidable devil in society

Plastic bags are the most important product that every common man uses.  Every single person whether it be a housewife, or working person or a businessman or a salesman or any shopkeeper, in its entire day to day routine comes in contact of the plastic bags.  This shows how much addicted or useful this product is to the common man.  Everyone knows that it is harmful to the environment or planet earth.  Steps are taken to reduce its usage and also introduce its substituent, but we can’t ignore the fact that plastic bags are unavoidable.

They are non degradable i.e. they are not getting converted into the simpler units.  Their degradation is very complex and so remains as it is for a very long time.  If it gets buried into the soil, it makes it toxic and infertile and same is the case with the water and air.  If it is burned it evolves carbon dioxide and many other toxic gases which are the major reason for global warming and pollution.

Inspite if so many disadvantage and problems question arises why people are so much addicted of using plastic bags then?  It’s all because of its unique properties that people are getting attracted towards it.  It has immense flexibility, great carrying capacity, and huge expandability and most importantly it is very cheap and light in weight.  It can be folded or packed in any place that means it is very compact and handy.  It is water resistant and keeps the article or product inside it very safe.  It generates a vacuum inside it if it is closed tightly.  All such properties make it completely different from rest of the world.

Plastic is not just limited to the social world, but its addiction has covered the packaging world also.  Previously, various products were packed by using plastic.  However, now it is changed and paper packaging has gain the grip over the market.  The property of water resistant attracted the milk and dairy industries towards using plastic.  The products they manufactured such as, curd, milk, butter, and many more were packed in plastic bottles as well as plastic pouches or bags.

These plastic bottles also attracted the water packaging industries.  Later on, the soft drink manufacturers and many other industries took the best use of it.  Within a very short span of time, the plastic bottle became very popular and the only reason was safety.  The product or edible item packed inside it was safe.  Plastic protects it from the outside environment and maintain its freshness and taste.  However, it was very much durable and so faces the mechanical shocks up to certain extent and keeps the product very safe.  

Handy Plastic Injection Molding Byproduct

Plastic Fasteners –Handy Plastic Injection Molding Byproduct

Among all the plastic injection molding products, plastic fasteners are one of the most widely used. These fasteners have gone a long way to make life easier and simple. With plastic fasteners like caps, bushings, plugs, clips and rivets, you can simply do away with rusted fasteners that spoil your product. Very often, you face problems when these just do not unscrew and lead to much bigger problems. Indeed, plastic injected molding products like plastic fasteners can be said to contribute to the huge success of the plastic industry. The durability quotient of plastic products is something which is accepted invariably even by its detractors.

There are many different types of machining tools that are used for making these plastic fasteners. They are blow molding machines, structural foam machines and plastic injection molding machines. Of these, the injection molding machines are the most widely used for making products like fasteners. This is because you can get ultimate productivity using these at the shortest possible time. Apart from the above mentioned plastic fasteners made through plastic injection molding, there are cable routing and wire handling hardware, circuit board hardware, pins, studs, spacers, push in fasteners, standoff, stem bumpers and threaded rods.

Most of the manufacturers of plastic injection molding products have provision for taking customized orders like choice of materials, shape, size, color alternatives and many more. This is possible in the most modern facilities where the products like clips, Christmas tree clips, washers etc. are made through a series of computer designed capabilities popularly known as CNC plastic machining. Specially qualified engineering professionals are required for this purpose.

Injection molding machine Russia market

Injection molding machine Russia market

At present, Injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market is making effort to expand the manufacturing capacity and invest in factory modernization. Injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market tends to have high demands for the plastic injection machine for injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market has its limitation in domestic market. Thus, the import ratio of injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market keeps increasing. Here I’d like to analysis why injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market has high demands.

According to some professors, the reasons why injection molding machine/injection machine has high demands in Russia market reflecting in following respects: 1. the fast-developed food-industry in domestic market that will improve the demands for plastic/rubber packaging products; 2. The high demands for the architecture material, sports supplies, stationary and automotive industry. 3. Russia has more than 2,000 enterprises involving in the plastic manufacturing. And the stock amount is around 10,000 sets. However, more than 80 percent injection machines need to be changed.

Injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market causes the serious attentions of injection molding machine suppliers all over the world. Many world suppliers are expanding market share in injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market to make them more competitive. To know more about injection molding machine Russia market/Russia injection machine market, come to Dakumar Machinery to get hold of new information.

RP-Rapid Prototyping development tendency and application

RP-Rapid Prototyping development tendency and application

With the global market globalization, competition in manufacture industry field is very fierce. New product development becomes the most important between competitors. Meanwhile, manufacture industry should meet the rapid change demands of customer. What’s more, manufacture industry should have flexibility; it can do small production and even one pcs production while the cost won’t increase. Thus, the speed of new product development and manufacture technique flexibility becomes the key points. Under this circumstance, RP-Rapid Prototyping comes to birth.

RP-Rapid Prototyping technique is a kind of new molding technique which based on theory of dispersed/accumulated forming; it combines the new technique of computer, CNC, laser and new material.

The basic process of RP: using CAD software to make 3D curved surface or physical model of the product. Scatter the 3D model into a series ordered 2D piece in certain direction (generally Z direction). According to information of every piece, making the process, select tooling parameter and generate CNC code automatically. Forming machine will make a series pieces and connect them automatically, then get the 3D physical model. Thus it makes easy to make the product and reduce the cost.

RP function: make the model rapid and accuracy according to 3D model data, no need of other equipments. Drive CAD model, make the complex model rapidly. The main difference between RP and NC machine is RP has high flexibility. No matter CNC machine or machining center, they all aim at one kind product, for example, lathe machining center, milling machining center. For different part, it needs different fixture tool. They have high flexibility, it can produce decades and even some pieces parts, while the cost don’t increase, but they cannot use separately, they need to make the rough blank first. While, RP has highest flexibility, for any product which not exceeds the forming size, it can be made without any special tool. In terms of making model, RP has advantages over NC machining, it is rapid and high flexibility.

Nowadays, RP has used widely in aerospace, automotive, mechanical, electrical equipments, medical science, building, toy, art ware field. No doubt, no matter in marketing or forming equipment and process development, RP technique has very good future.