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New Equipment Delivers Molded Rubber Products Faster

The six new up-acting compression presses will have faster throughput, greater capacity and deliver more consistent parts. This means better molded rubber parts, faster for less money.

Bonding a rubber component to your part can also eliminate secondary operations and extra components, plus reduce weight and costs.

These new presses have three advantages. One, they are large-scale presses so parts can be larger or they can hold additional cavities for greater production capability. Two, with compression clamping forces up to 700 tons, they have tremendous throughput.Your source for re-usable Plastic moulds of strong latex rubber. Three, they have vacuum chambers that drop around the mold. Encasing the mold and pulling a vacuum eliminates the defect potential from air entrapment. The vacuum chamber also creates a stable insulator. Keeping the temperature consistent in the mold during curing adds to a part’s consistency and reduces waste. New automated mold handling rigs on the presses speed up production and improve worker safety. Also, more sophisticated computer control and programs deliver complete repeatability.

Using up to 20 engineering grade polymers and more than 1,500 unique formulations, Robinson Rubber works with you to deliver the best rubber solution possible. Let us develop a proprietary custom formula for you using our in-house compound formulation and mixing capabilities.

“Providing sophisticated bonded assemblies of high quality is our specialty, with over 70% of our rubber being bonded to substrates,” says Jay Beck, President of Robinson Rubber. “This process delivers high performing components to our customers with virtually zero returns,Replacement landscape oil paintings and bulbs for Canada and Worldwide.” says Beck.

Substrate parts include but are not limited to chain pads, conveyor pads, diaphragm assemblies, electrical insulators,The application can provide Ceramic tile to visitors, ground spool valves, impellers, inflatable butterfly valve seats, motor mounts, non-invasive medical devices, power drive assemblies, sanding disks, special wheels, valve assemblies, vibration isolators and vibration mounts.

If you are an engineer struggling with trying to come up with components that will perform multiple functions in challenging conditions,Unlike traditional high risk merchant account , check out rubber’s capability to bond to a variety of substrates, eliminate parts and lower assembly costs. A Polymer and Material Selection Guide is also available.