The Use of Powder Coatings for Plastic and Metal Parts

Right after a plastic piece of office furniture, an appliance or an electronic device is molded, often specialty coatings are added. The coating reinforces the plastic while adding an eye-catching and protective color as well as a clear powder coating. In addition to the above mentioned examples, various other industries make use of these specialty coatings as well, for example automotive, medical, seating, consumer goods and other custom applications.

These plastic powder coatings supply different advantages, like improved resistance to UV exposure and a stronger durability than an uncoated piece. There are a broad variety of color options as well as textures and finishes readily available and making use of this procedure eliminates the requirement to keep large inventories of color resins on hand. This method also offers a lower environmental effect than plating or painting and is capable of big production runs of molded pieces coated in one base color. Using powder coatings also results in a constant color with finished items.

Powder coatings are also applied to metal pieces. With metal pieces, the powder coating, which is a dry, free-flowing powder that does not need to have a solvent, is applied either by making use of a fluidized bed or electrostatically. Then, after the powder is applied, it is placed under heat. This stage enables the powder to freely cover the part and form a strong skin. The skin, which is significantly more durable than paint, is usually either thermoset polymer or thermoplastic.

Again, making use of a powder coating with metal pieces yields several benefits over making use of a liquid coating. To start, it is far more eco-friendly as powder coating emits nearly zero volatile organic compounds and produces less hazardous waste than liquid coatings. Further, 100 percent of overspray can be recycled, which indicates almost all of the product can be used and little to none wasted. The coating is significantly thicker and stronger than a paint coating and will not run or sag.

This technological innovation is an excellent option for plastic and metal pieces. Powder coatings offer you a range of benefits and provide diverse alternatives for customizing the color, finish and texture of an item.

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